St. Paul's Church with crane

McGarry’s has experience roofing churches and businesses. As seen in the photograph… McGarry’s Roofing and Construction used a hydraulic lift to reach the top of the steeple. The sky is the limit as we safely reach for the top to repair Father Lawrence’s St. Paul’s Catholic Church. This was quite an effort to repair the age old church at 39 Garfield Avenue in Evansville, Wisconsin.

Father Lawrence is moving on to higher positions in the Catholic Church. He wanted to leave his parishioners with a structure that was sound. Father Lawrence contacted and hired McGarry’s Roofing and Construction, a Rock County, Wisconsin roofer, to attend to the sensitive nature of the repair.

There are many churches and businesses in Rock County. Does yours need an examination to determine if it needs roofing attention? We are available to inspect the building at no cost and provide an estimate if it is determined that repair or replacement in necessary.

Incidentally, McGarry’s Matriarch’s sister, “Aunt Grace”, was an irreverent but devout catholic who inspires McGarry’s Roofing in all of its efforts in business and in life.

Hail Aunt Grace! She taught us love and respect, and how to pick four leaf clovers.