• Snowpocalypse Snow On the Roof in Rock County:

    Heavy snow on a property in Rock County, Wisconsin

    Roofs Caving In and Lives at Risk! Well not exactly, but in some scenarios it comes close. Rock County, Wisconsin, is currently experiencing a winter like never before. Snow days for the schools mean time with the children to enjoy the winter wonderland that falls upon us. However, the heavy snowfall has turned picturesque landscapes into scenes of chaos and potential destruction. But the real danger lurks above us, as roofs of homes and businesses buckle under the weight of this relentless snowstorm. Buildings are generaly constructed to withstand and uphold much weight. When mother nature lets loose an atmospheric river of moisture when it is cold, the resulting accumulation of snow adds a great amount of weight on top of our buildings. It is wise to inspect your buildings with some frequrency to ensure they are capable of withstanding snow on the roof.

    Heavy snow draping over a roof above a porch in Rock County, Wisconsin

    As the snow continues to pile up, the roofs of buildings in Rock County are struggling to bear the burden of the additional weight. Some poorly maintained older roofs could leak or even collapse, endangering lives and property.

    The impact of a potential roof collapse or leaking roof is devastating. Families can be displaced, businesses are forced to shut down. The financial toll would be devastating to families and businesses.

    Heavy snow sitting on top of a roof in Rock County, Wisconsin

    The heavy snowfall in Rock County has wreaked havoc on the roofs of homes and businesses, causing untold damage and potentially putting lives at risk. As we brace ourselves for more snow this winter let us remember to stay safe and look out for one another. Consider inspecting your roof when the snow melts. Look for water damage from leaks inside your home or businesses interior ceilings and walls. McGarry’s Roofing and Construction Frequently Asked Questions will provide guidance. Call a qualified roofer to inspect your property for damage when the skies clear.

  • Inspect Your Roof for Winter

    Look at the roof tile and/or asphalt shingles or wooden shake. Do they look curled up, weathered, loose, discolored or misshapen? Furthermore, are plywood or wooden struts exposed. Does the sheetmetal around exhaust pipes look rusted with holes? Rust is a tell-tale sign your roof needs someone to examine the roof for winter.

    While most likely you consider yourself to be a handy person and perhaps a do-it-yourselfer, roofing is a craft that should have the attention of an expert with roofing experience. Your home is probably your most valuable asset. It is worth asking a proven roofing company to inspect and consult with you about its condition. Consult McGarry’s Roofing Frequently Asked Questions about issues with your roof. Rock County , Wisconsin endures hot summers and cold winters. Then inspect your ceiling canopy winter. Now is the time!

    Single family gray-green house with white trim

    Roofs should last several decades. Roofs endure a plethora of conditions. Consider that a solid and sealed roof protects your precious family, your living environment and your collection of property. It is amazing how much stuff our families purchase, collect and consume. Now in the 21st century, merchandise is easily delivered to your front door. A roof leak would create havoc on all that now wouldn’t it! Don’t give it too much more thought or winter will be overhead. Determine to scrutinize your roof before old man winter arrives.

  • McGarry’s Matriarch turns 100

    Matriarch Doll McGarry's birthday cake

    Your roof should last this long. Dolly McGarry, matriarch of the McGarry Clan, turns 100 years old. Proven genetics ensures the longevity of McGarry’s Roofing. Count on it. One hundred is a good number. Just look at the smile on that face. Who are ya’ gonna call? Not Ghostbusters. Call McGarry’s Roofing in Janesville, Wisconsin for roofing repairs or roof replacement. Just don’t call Dolly McGarry late for bingo.

    Dolly McGarry with son Ron and Grandson Shawn.
    Shawn, Dolly and Ron Mcgarry celebrating Dolly's 100th birthday
    Shawn McGarry on the left, Todd’s brother, with Todd’s father Ron McGarry on the right

    Dolly McGarry has 3 sons, 5 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. Dolly is Aunt Grace’s younger sister. Dolly has lived 100 years; 1,200 months; 5,218 weeks; 876,600 hours; and 52,596,000 minutes.

  • Your Roof and Extreme Weather

    Look at any news, weather channel or newspaper and you will see and read stories about extreme weather locally, nationally or internationally. There are episodes of heavy rains, high winds, tornadoes, extreme heat and cold all over the globe. Talk with your neighbors, family, work colleagues about roofing in Janesville, Wisconsin. Basically, we are all seeing and feeling it. The summers are hotter, the rains are heavier, the winds are stronger, the winters are more intense. How does extreme weather affect your roof on your house?

    Think about the prophecies we hear about in church on Sundays. These include plagues, pests, famine, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, (not so much in Rock County), the Devil (at least on Halloween or when we are tempted). We live through seasons of weather that have a major affect on the materials and roof in our home. The stress buildings endure over time leads to deterioration. The roof alone gets at least 250 days of direct sunlight every year. Think what your skin would look like after that amount of time without protection. Over twenty years, not pretty, right!

    Now is the time to think about how to prepare for the impact of extreme weather events on your roof. Is your building old or in need of upgrading? Ensure that You and Your family are safe and have a chance of enduring the stuff Good Ol’ Mother Nature sends to us in Janesville, Milton, Beloit, or anywhere in Rock County for that matter. Consider talking with an expert about major weather impacts on your home’s roof.

    Refer to these Frequently Asked Questions?

    Call McGarry’s Roofing and Construction today to request an evaluation about your roof and extreme weather on your home. The consultation and estimate is at no cost to you. McGarry’s Roofing is your neighbor. Give us a call or an email, we will be delighted to work with You.

    Wet weather from an extreme weather season damaged this roof
  • Neighbors helping neighbors with roof repair

    McGarry’s Roofing and Construction owns and lives in a home in Milton, Wisconsin. Just like Father Lawrence, we helped our next door neighbors, who were going on a two week vacation, with their roof repair. The neighbors hired McGarry’s Roofing and Construction to install new roofing materials on their house while they were away. McGarry’s also took the opportunity to replace the roof on their own house at the same time.

    Reduced costs from the consolidation of roofing materials for two houses produced a savings by purchasing materials for both projects at the same time. The neighbor returned from vacation with a new roof to realize a substantial savings on roofing materials. And, to enjoy the July 4th Independence Day Celebration with a freshly renovated house.

    McGarry's House in Milton, Wisconsin showing the new roof repair produced simultaneously with the neighbors house

    McGarry’s house re-roofed simultaneously with the neighbor’s.

    Material decisions are important aspects to consider when estimating a roof repair. Many items exhibit a cost-per-unit decrease when the quantity of items purchased increases. Imagine that the price to replace the gray asphalt shingles on your house is $0.05 each, a nickel a piece. Not bad right! That fits your budget.

    Neighbor's House in Milton, Wisconsin

    McGarry’s neighbor’s house

    Now imagine the neighbor next door, or across the street, talks with you and wants to explore hiring the same roofing company. They want to examine if the estimate decreases by consolidating two projects combining the roofing material purchases. For example, you purchase gray shingles and the neighbor purchases red shingles. The roofing company can place an order for five thousand shingles; fifty percent or two thousand five hundred in gray, and another fifty percent – two thousand five hundred shingles in red. Brilliant! The cost per shingle reduces from $0.5 cents each for one roof repair, to $0.25 cents each for two roof repairs ordered at the same time.

    You save 50% on material costs by consolidating orders for re-roofing two homes together… hypothetically that is. Call for a no cost estimate to compare the costs.

    Neighbors helping neighbors with roof repair. That is the way it should be in our communities like Milton, Wisconsin. We live here too!

  • Roofing St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Evansville, Wisconsin

    St. Paul's Church with crane used repair the steeple.

    McGarry’s has experience roofing churches and businesses. As seen in the photograph… McGarry’s Roofing and Construction used a hydraulic lift to reach the top of the steeple. The sky is the limit as we safely reach for the top to repair Father Lawrence’s St. Paul’s Catholic Church. This was quite an effort to repair the age old church at 39 Garfield Avenue in Evansville, Wisconsin.

    Father Lawrence is moving on to higher positions in the Catholic Church. He wanted to leave his parishioners with a structure that was sound, especially in regard to the roofing of the church. Father Lawrence contacted and hired McGarry’s Roofing and Construction, a Rock County, Wisconsin roofer, to attend to the sensitive nature of the repair.

    There are many churches and businesses in Rock County. Does your church or business need a roofing examination to determine if it needs roofing attention? We are available to inspect the building at no cost and provide an estimate if it is determined that repair or replacement in necessary. Letting a building deteriorate is not good and will cost more to repair the longer you wait to address it.

    Incidentally, McGarry’s Matriarch’s sister, “Aunt Grace”, was an irreverent but devout catholic who inspires McGarry’s Roofing in all of its efforts in business and in life.

    Hail Aunt Grace! She taught us love and respect, and how to pick four leaf clovers.