It is said that America runs on small businesses. McGarry’s Roofing and Construction is a small business that provides a variety of commercial and industrial roofing repairs for the businesses and churches in Rock County, Wisconsin.  These services provide roofing restoration for office buildings, apartment complexes, small business buildings, and churches.

Eventually, water damage from a faulty or leaky roof will upend any business causing down work days or prevent access by customers. Prevention is always wise, but sometimes unforeseeable. Therefore, it is advisable to inspect a roof periodically for damage or worn out materials.  Specifically, a competent roofing company, one that can advise if your roof is in need of repair, is invaluable when considering potential down time of your business. Take a look at McGarry’s Frequently Asked Questions page to consider if you need to contact a professional roofing company to review your property.

McGarry’s Roofing & Construction Frequently Asked Questions will help determine if you should schedule an appointment. McGarry’s will provide a no cost consultation and estimate after a visit to inspect your property. Subsequently, like your home, your commercial or industrial building deserves the same attention. Particularly if the building is in need of roofing and repair.

Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles are the most common type of roofing materials. Slate and Tile roofing are aesthetic and durable. Additionally, Metal and Steel Roofs offer good protect against falling ashes in the event of wild fire, and they provide a strong surface to thwart environmental damage from the sun, wind and heavy snow. Rubber Flat Roofs known as EPDM are quite good for single story businesses. We have installed EPDM Rubber Roofs that provide a strong covering to protect the top surface of any building. Furthermore, Granulated Torchdown roofing is another bonding material and surface to protect your commercial or industrial building. Keep your businesses, churches and schools up and running and looking good.

These photos illustrate a variety of materials applied to commercial buildings, churches and schools by McGarry’s Roofing & Construction.