Well… there shouldn’t be. One good way to solve that problem is to contact McGarry’s Roofing and Construction. We’re not afraid of snakes. We have a pocket full of four leaf clovers thanks to Aunt Grace who taught us how and where to pick them. Furthermore, McGarry’s employs a cadre of Leprechauns who will address those kinds of problems, no matter what Clan with which you are aligned.

Red and green Plaid material
Grateful Dead logo with four leaf clover motif

Before moving to Rock County, Wisconsin to continue raising a family, McGarry’s owner, Todd McGarry, grew up thirty miles east of San Francisco. The Good Old Grateful Dead lived and played there. They were instrumental, pun intended, at chasing snakes and cavorting with Leprechauns. The Dead created a loving community of followers who are now everywhere in the world.

The Grateful Dead set up residence in the 1980s at the Alpine Valley Music Center, a favorite Deadhead venue. “They were not the best at what they did, they were only ones who did what they did”. ~Bill Graham, Rock Empresario.