Matriarch Doll McGarry's birthday cake

Your roof should last this long. Dolly McGarry, matriarch of the McGarry Clan, turns 100 years old. Proven genetics ensures the longevity of McGarry’s Roofing. Count on it. One hundred is a good number. Just look at the smile on that face. Who are ya’ gonna call? Not Ghostbusters. Call McGarry’s Roofing in Janesville, Wisconsin for roofing repairs or roof replacement. Just don’t call Dolly McGarry late for bingo.

Shawn, Dolly and Ron Mcgarry celebrating Dolly's 100th birthday
Shawn McGarry on the left, Todd’s brother, with Todd’s father Ron McGarry on the right

Dolly McGarry has 3 sons, 5 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. Dolly is Aunt Grace’s younger sister. Dolly has lived 100 years; 1,200 months; 5,218 weeks; 876,600 hours; and 52,596,000 minutes.