Look at any news, weather channel or newspaper and you will see and read stories about extreme weather locally, nationally or internationally. There are episodes of heavy rains, high winds, tornadoes, extreme heat and cold all over the globe. Talk with your neighbors, family, work colleagues about roofing in Janesville, Wisconsin. Basically, we are all seeing and feeling it. The summers are hotter, the rains are heavier, the winds are stronger, the winters are more intense. How does extreme weather affect your roof on your house?

Garage roof damaged from strong winds

Think about the prophecies we hear about in church on Sundays. These include plagues, pests, famine, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, (not so much in Rock County), the Devil (at least on Halloween or when we are tempted). We live through seasons of weather that have a major affect on the materials and roof in our home. The stress buildings endure over time leads to deterioration. The roof alone gets at least 250 days of direct sunlight every year. Think what your skin would look like after that amount of time without protection. Over twenty years, not pretty, right!

Stripping old roofing material from the plywood substrate