Look at the roof tile and/or asphalt shingles or wooden shake. Do they look curled up, weathered, loose, discolored or misshapen? Furthermore, are plywood or wooden struts exposed. Does the sheetmetal around exhaust pipes look rusted with holes? Rust is a tell-tale sign your roof needs someone to examine the roof for winter.

Single family gray-green house with white trim

Roofs should last several decades. Roofs endure a plethora of conditions. Consider that a solid and sealed roof protects your precious family, your living environment and your collection of property. It is amazing how much stuff our families purchase, collect and consume. Now in the 21st century, merchandise is easily delivered to your front door. A roof leak would create havoc on all that now wouldn’t it! Don’t give it too much more thought or winter will be overhead. Determine to scrutinize your roof before old man winter arrives.